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About me...

Novelist, poet, translator, Marilar Aleixandre uses Galician as her literary language and claims to have a forked tongue. Although, she says, not all beasts with cleaved tongue are evil. For her, writing is a furtive endeavour, so writing in a language other than the mother tongue is doubly furtive. She likes picking up stray words, and keeping them between the lines of stories or poems. In 2017 she has been appointed as a member of the Real Academia Galega (Royal Galician Academy), with a discourse entitled Voces termando da paisaxe galega. (Voices holding up Galician landscape)

She lives in Santiago de Compostela where she writes novels, poems and short stories, and does research about argumentation and science education. Her books deal with the voices of women, and the issue of treason, particularly treason to oneself.